(August 31, 2018)

On the Way
In September, ‘On the Way’ is winding up discussion of Beverly Daniel Tatum’s Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?  ‘On the Way’ is a group of WHUMC members and friends committed to working toward deeper understanding of white privilege and issues of racial justice in our region, and Tatum’s book has provided the raw material for thoughtful discussion.
Tentative next steps for ‘On the Way’ may include an October movie night and a series of book discussions starting in January 2019.  To explore being a part of ‘On the Way,’ contact Karen Coulson(kecoulson715@gmail.com; 636-544-5533) or Donna Reinhardt (rrdrcrnr@aol.com; 314-960-7137)

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Share Your Story
Later this fall, we are going to have a season of celebration in worship. Worship is many things and of course, there is always a spirit of celebration. Still, we think it’s time to create a season of naming, claiming and celebrating what God has done through the ministries of Webster Hills UMC.

We also know that many of you have stories about how your life has been changed through your faith and your connection with this church. We want to hear those stories! Think about something your child said that helped you see how faith was taking root in their life. How have you been transformed? What do you differently today because of your faith? Who has helped you see and connect with God? How has your spirit of generosity changed?

Your story may be serious or light-hearted. What matters is that you name it and claim it as something that has shaped you and your ways of connecting with God. Please share these stories. Your experience may be the one thing that someone else needs to hear in order to know that God loves them and offers them grace.

Contact Leslie Chalupny  (ldamann@websterhillsumc.org) to share your story.

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