I am part of the “mature” membership of Webster Hills UMC; that is, one of the plus-70’s. My husband and I have only been church members for 10 or so years, but we are “established.” Dave has held a number of positions, and I have been active in United Methodist Women and the Pumpkin Patch. We have a set of church friends and are in the Inquirers Sunday School class. Until recently, all this has been enough for me.

But…looking around the church a few months ago, I realized that I did not know many of our members, particularly the younger ones and their adorable children. And they did not know me. That began to bother me. How can we be a truly united church if we are strangers? How can long-term members share their knowledge or benefit from the enthusiasm of youth? Theoretically and actually, how can we become one church, working together and supporting one another as we serve Jesus? And, what can one person do?

Well, I came up with a small plan, which Linda has asked me to share with you: For the next year, I will be spending at least a month attending each Sunday school class—and youth group meetings—to get to know as many of you as possible. I want to learn with you, to share with you. I am a relatively new Christian, and I continue to have more questions than answers about life and society’s great problems, so I will be a fellow student, not a teacher. And be patient with me, sometimes I am not so good at remembering names—after all, I’m “granny” age (heh-heh). Hope you will come and join me.

See ya in class.

Barrett Schroeder