10626204_10203160210310547_4011994097211435944_oMeet Melissa Jones, a former middle school teacher and mother of 3 little cuties, who lives in Webster Groves. She is passionate about having no mama doing motherhood alone, and believes there is something amazing and sacred that happens within a group of mothers that is healing and brings freedom and joy to all parts of her life. Melissa was once a very lonely mom doing life by herself and that was a very hard place to be.  She kept asking, “If I have my baby I prayed for and a husband that loves me, then why am I still so sad?”. She needed friends, mom friends, friends who knew what it was like to be sleep deprived, over changing diapers, and in desperate need of a good coffee and some conversation that didn’t involve the Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Her vision for this Mops group is to create a fun, relaxing and safe environment where we can share and be vulnerable but also where all moms can laugh so hard we cry tears of joy all while experiencing God’s love and plan He had for us all along – to do life in community. There is an amazing teams of moms who work beside Melissa to carry out the this vision to ensure that no mom is left behind and everyone is left changed by God.