In a faith community you can find people who will help you explore what it means to be a follower of Christ.  When we grow in our understanding of what Jesus taught, faith becomes something that is connected to both head and heart. We grow in a number of ways including worship, service, living generously, prayer and telling others about our journey.  

We highly encourage participation in a D-Group.  These are small groups (discipleship groups) that provide opportunities to connect in meaningful ways with others who can relate to your experiences and stage of life.  More D-groups will be announced soon.

Below are ways to grow in faith through small groups, classes, workshops and special events.  Use the form below to get connected with a group leader and answer your questions.

Small Groups & Sunday Morning Classes & Groups

The CLC is the Christian Life Center, located on the west side of Berry Road.


Mom’s Bible Study                        Alternating Sundays                  7pm                           CLC Library

Men’s Bible Study                          Tuesdays                                            6:30am                    CLC Library

Women’s Bible Study                    Fridays                                               6:30am                     CLC Library

Sunday Mornings  @ 9am                        

Parent’s Group  (9:15am)                                                  Short-term studies & fellowship/ LL Ed. Wing

Inquirers: Boomers & Beyond                                       Focused studies/CLC, Room 232

Contemporary Class                                                           Current topics/Ed. Wing 

Youth Breakfast Club  (6-12 grades)                         Cook, eat, talk, play/CLC Multi-Purpose

30’s/40’s with young kids  Small Group                   Small group after the 9am worship service in Chapel Classroom.

40’s/50’s Small Group                                                         Small group meets downstairs in Hudspeth Hall during 9am service.

Multi-Gen Small Group                                                      Meets in Hudspeth Hall at 9am, various studies.

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