In faith community you can find people who will help you explore what it means to be a follower of Christ.  When we grow in our understanding of what Jesus taught, faith becomes something that is connected to both head and heart. We grow in a number of ways including worship, service, living generously, prayer and telling others about our journey.  

We highly encourage participation in a D-Group.  These are small groups (discipleship groups) that provide opportunities to connect in meaningful ways with others who can relate to your experiences and stage of life.  More D-groups will be announced soon.

Below are ways to grow in faith through small groups, classes, workshops and special events.  Use the form below to get connected with a group leader and answer your questions.

The CLC is the Christian Life Center, located on the west side of Berry Road.

Small Groups and Study Groups

Mom's Bible StudyAlternating Sundays7pm CLC Library
Men's Bible StudyTuesday6:30am CLC Library
Young Adults D-GroupTuesday7 pm Rotating homes
Women's D-GroupTuesday7 pm Crestwood
Women's Bible StudyFriday6:30am CLC/Library
Issues by the Book: Current events, social justice and faithThursday-various dates11am & 7pm Pastor's Office

Sunday Morning Groups & Classes

9am unless otherwise noted

Parents GroupShort-term studies & fellowship9:15 in LL Education Wing/Hudspeth Hall
Hot Topics20's & 30's: Current Topics & FaithResumes in September
JourneyBoomers & Beyond: 4-6 week studies & lively discussionChapel Classroom
InquirersBoomers & Beyond:Room 232/CLC
Contemporary ClassSenior Adults: Current topics and fellowshipEducation Wing/McKelvey Rm