In a faith community you can find people who will help you explore what it means to be a follower of Christ.  When we grow in our understanding of what Jesus taught, faith becomes something that is connected to both head and heart. We grow in a number of ways including worship, service, living generously, prayer and telling others about our journey.  

We highly encourage participation in a D-Group.  These are small groups (discipleship groups) that provide opportunities to connect in meaningful ways with others who can relate to your experiences and stage of life.  More D-groups will be announced soon.

Below are ways to grow in faith through small groups, classes, workshops and special events.  Use the form below to get connected with a group leader and answer your questions.

Witnessing Whiteness

United Methodists across Missouri have been asked by our Bishop, Robert Farr, and other church leaders to explore issues related to racism and racial divides.  The topics are familiar to many in St. Louis.  The ways to respond are sometimes hard to understand and even more difficult to put in place.  Webster Hills UMC is offering the highly acclaimed “Witnessing Whiteness” as a way to open our paths to exploration and understanding.
Use this link to register for “Witnessing Whiteness.” It was developed by the YWCA to help folks acknowledge and explore privilege. Our group will covenant to meet for ten 2-hour sessions during the first half of 2018 and will be guided by trained YWCA volunteers. The group will read and discuss Shelly Tochluk’s book Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk about Race and How to Do It. The book is available to registered group members at a discount from Left Bank Books.
“Witnessing Whiteness” will meet in the McKelvey Room (E-204) in the education wing, from 6:30 p.m.. to 8:30 p.m. onTuesday evenings.  For further information, use the form below.
Short-term Study: John Wesley’s Message Today
JW created a unique brand of community.  As Visitation Pastor Martha Robertson has observed, “If anyone ought to know about this deep, nosy, pushy, personal brand of community, it’s…United Methodists.”   Even those who have been United Methodists for a long time can learn new things from a book by Lovett Weems, “John Wesley’s Message Today.”
Rev. Dr. Paul Stroble will lead a study of the book  October  22 through November 19. Join the Contemporary Class in their Sunday morning time and space, McKelvey Room (E-204), 9am.  So, come and learn more about what it means to us to be Methodists today. To reserve your copy of the book ($7.50) CONTACT Millie McDowell.

Small Groups & Sunday Morning Classes & Groups

The CLC is the Christian Life Center, located on the west side of Berry Road.


Mom’s Bible Study                        Alternating Sundays                  7pm                           CLC Library

Men’s Bible Study                          Tuesdays                                            6:30am                    CLC Library

Crestwood D-Group                       Tuesdays                                          6:30pm                    Area Home

Young Adults D-Group                  Tuesdays                                          7pm                            Area Homes

Issues by the Book                          Various Thursdays                   11am, 7pm                 Pastor’s Office

Women’s Bible Study                    Fridays                                               6:30am                     CLC Library

Sunday Mornings  @ 9am                        

Parent’s Group  (9:15am)                                                  Short-term studies & fellowship/ LL Ed. Wing

Journey: Boomers & Beyond                                          Short-term studies/Chapel Classroom

Inquirers: Boomers & Beyond                                       Focused studies/CLC, Room 232

Contemporary Class: Greatest Generation         Current topics/Ed. Wing 

Youth Breakfast Club  (6-12 grades)                         Cook, eat, talk, play/CLC Multi-Purpose

Confirmation    (Begins Oct. 29)                                    Grades 7 & 8/CLC Great Hall

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