Family Grows Together

Last Sunday in church I gave everyone an idea and a challenge.  The idea that a family grows together and a challenge to grow together at Webster Hills in this great multi-generational family that we have. The question is, how are we purposefully engaging in one another’s lives in different generations and growing together?

I also mentioned that when families grow together 3 things happen:

1. When a family grows together we start to see the next generation (just as we witnessed in the temple with Jesus when he was young) we will see the next generation finding and claiming their faith.  A deepening and widening of their faith. Not a faith handed down, but one that they claim for their own that is a piece of them, that they can stand on a solid rock and their faith will not be shaken. That when the storms of life come, and they will come, they will have an anchor to hold on to and a God to trust because they have a real and abiding relationship with Jesus.

2. We can see in the next generation a discernment for what God Is calling them to do and the people they are to become.  We will find that the next generation will begin to find that God-given identity of who they are in Christ, and not who the world says they are, but who God says they are – a masterpiece, adopted into His family – a child of God, someone called to change the world.

3. And finally, the piece that changes all of us, where wisdom is passed around to all generations.  When we engage with one another and live life with one another it’s not just the next generation that is changed, but us as well.  Our faith is deepened and our walk with God is often challenged and strengthened. What a great place to be! We are renewed in vision and purpose to what God has called us to.

So my final question, if family grows together, how can we do this here? How can you be intentional in the lives of the next generation in our family?

Come and join a kids Sunday School small group.  Hold a baby in the nursery, Make bacon and eggs with the jr and sr high on Sunday mornings.  Come pour into the lives of teenagers who wrestle with things that we never had to at their age.  Studies say that 12 is the new 25, meaning what we knew of at 25 kids now know at 12. How can we walk alongside them and be another voice that would support them, encourage them, say the same thing their parents are saying, but guess what – they will listen to you.

There are many many ways of connecting with the next generation.  Join the new multi-generational small group starting next month. Be intentional about learning together and passing around wisdom. If you want to know where you can make a difference in the next generation of our family, Come sit and have a conversation with me. I would love to go to coffee with you. You can contact me at

Let’s work together, to be intentional and engage the next generation. Be part of a family that grows together and changes the world.

Leslie Chalupny