Between now and the end of the year, we are going to invest in some significant repairs and maintenance to our campus. You will be able to see some of this work, but much of it will not be visible. That is, unless you would like to take a tour of the internal workings of your church!

As chairs of your Facilities Team, we are extremely grateful for the ways members of our church have chosen to provide for these and other community needs. While the funds we receive through our leases and building use fees are extremely helpful, most of the work has been made possible through the sale of a parsonage and generous estate gifts.

We are also grateful for the time and energy the Facilities Team has poured into caring for our building. Our team members are:

David Bates      Kent Gastreich      Carl Sitze

Phil Carlock      Perrin Marchionne      Tricia Susi

Jan Fishman      Dan Rettke      Rodger Westhoff

This team has been very busy these last two years working on improving our campus for the benefit of our congregation and our tenants. Below is a summary of the work that has been accomplished or is about to get underway.

We believe we speak on behalf of the entire team and our Leadership Board when we say it is an honor to be trusted with seeing to the care of our campus.

Thank you,

Kristin Lamprecht

David Austin

Co-Chairs, Facilities Team


In the summer of 2017, we negotiated a new lease with our largest tenant, Annie’s Hope. We now have a graduated lease for a two-and-a-half-year term that will end in February of 2020. As part of those negotiations, Annie’s Hope expanded the footprint of space they lease, and we made some improvements to the Christian Life Center (CLC). We had the bathrooms re-tiled and painted, some carpet replaced, floors cleaned, and we updated our parking lot entry signs. In early 2019 we will begin preparing to renew current lease contracts or search for possible new tenants for occupancy in the spring of 2020.

On top of the CLC, we have replaced one HVAC unit and will be replacing two more (one in the great hall and one in the kitchen) in the next month. We are working on plans for the balance of the 11 units that are 20 years old. We will also be cleaning and repairing over 14,000 square feet of the CLC to prevent future leaks.

The Education Wing had a plumbing failure last winter that required replacement of some pipes in and around our pre-school rooms. The balance of that plumbing replacement will take place over the winter break this December. Last year we repaired the radiant heat in some of the lower level classrooms.

The leather bellows in the church organ were not replaced when the major renovation was done. They will be replaced in the coming month completing the restoration of that asset.

In Hudspeth Hall, the HVAC units have not been working properly for some time now. All units along the north wall have now had new motors installed and are working properly. The balance of the units along the south wall will be completed by the end of the year. We also repaired leaking AC units and windows along the south wall.

In the chapel, we did some preparation work last year for the new worship service that included repairing a roof leak, moving the lectern and making it portable, and preparing the AV for the new service that included new tv monitors and speakers. In the coming months, the AV desk will be moved to the back of the room to more fully manage the audio and video experience for our congregation.

In November we will have the parking lot around the CLC resurfaced. About 20% of the pavement was done 3 years ago so this will complete the balance of the lot. This will provide a much-needed visual improvement to the condition of our property, as well as provide a safer walk surface.

In looking at where we can assist with our operating budget we sought bids to replace our grounds keeping service. This will have a positive impact on our annual budget as well as the regular appearance of our property. We are very excited to say that it will now include fall clean-up, spring mulching, and on-going weeding. This will free up our church member work days to tackle special projects like planting seasonal plants and/or painting projects for areas on campus, among other needed tasks.

Administration and Facilities Director, Amanda Hancock reviewed our vendor list to specifically look at where we have significant expenditures throughout the year. She has received new bids and made some changes in some key expense areas, such as our security company, photocopier, cleaning supplies, and trash services. Trash services alone will save us $7000 annually.

We have accomplished a lot, but there is more to do. The CLC turned 20 years old in 2018. That means the carpet in the Great Hall and library are also 20 years old and in need of replacement. As mentioned above the balance of the HVAC units to be replaced will become more urgent. With two services now using both of our worship spaces, there is a need for an improvement in our entry and narthex spaces, minimally with lighting and flooring, as well as consideration of better fellowship space for after worship.

Hudspeth Hall is now in regular use for two Sunday School classes, pre-school use, and our MOPS group meetings, all of which bring regular visitors to the space. The ceiling, flooring, walls, and lighting are all very much in need of updates. The window unit air conditioners throughout the Education wing are not ideal for power usage and are quite noisy and in need of replacement.

The Facilities Team appreciates your support and patience as we continue to work on repairs and enhancements to our beautiful and much-loved campus.


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