The vision of the Children’s Ministry at Webster Hills UMC is to inspire children and their families to know, trust, and serve God. This ministry serves children from birth to fifth grades.

It’s About the Heart

At Webster Hills, we pay attention to hearts. When a heart leans toward God it will grow to be a one of both compassion and strength. Kids Ministry is all about the hearts of children and their parents. We are dedicated to guiding children to love God and follow Jesus. We don’t do this alone.  We partner with parents and grandparents in ways that let families learn, serve and grow together.

Kids in Worship? Of Course!

Children of all ages are warmly welcomed in both worship services.  We believe that God put the wiggle in them and know that they won’t always behave like perfect angels. We’re cool with that.  For parents’ convenience, we livestream the 10:30 service to our chapel. It’s an easy way to step out for a bit and keep in touch with worship.

We have an active Kids Ministry on Sunday mornings and a bunch of special activities throughout the year.  If you have questions about our ministry,  use the form below to get in touch with Kristey Walker, Childrens Coordinator.


Sunday School 9:00-10:00am

We have a devoted team of volunteers who plan and lead each week. They find ways to bring a child’s view of God, the world and themselves into the class time. Each week is built around a key Bible story and provides a “Bottom Line” message for the children to learn and understand. Learning continues into the week through the information we provide parents. These “Parent Cues” help them connect the lessons to life at home.


The nursery opens at 8:30am. If you choose, your preschooler can remain in the nursery from Sunday School through the end of worship.